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Welcome to 2catdesigns, a local web design team located in eastern North Carolina. We specialize in providing standards compliant websites, using the latest open source technologies.

Recent Projects:

Premiere Home Theater Preview The A.R.C. Community Preview


We feel that your website should adhere to standards to ensure that it is accessible to the widest possible audience. To achieve that goal, we strive to create standards-compliant websites that are accessible to users of various browsers, operating systems, and abilities. We avoid using proprietary techniques which might create challenges for users with disabilities.

Compatible with major browsers


We find that many developers tend to overlook cross-platform development, and only focus on maintaining compatibility with one platform. We don't consider any site to be complete until it has been tested on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux--and with all major modern browsers.

Coded by hand

Code Friendly

We understand that just as in running a business, there's more to a web site than what you see. Creating a foundation that can be easily modified and expanded upon in the future is a major part of our design process. We can provide you with an administrative site that lets you easily manage your site and make changes. To ensure that all of our sites are as efficient as possible, we code every site by hand, using only open source technology, and no prefabricated templates.